Pre School Dance Classes

For the Love and Appreciation of Dance!!



Pre School Dance Curriculum

is designed to be age appropriate and to assist with Co-ordination, 

Concentration, Rhythm and Musicality.

Glitter Bugs 2-3 years
Twinker Bells 3-4 years
Dazzling Daisies 4-5 years
Fun Class 5-6 years
Acro Dance


Boy Patrol 3-5 years 

Boy Tap Squad / Hip Hop Boys only!

Pre-School dance is a passion for our Teachers and it would be a pleasure to teach your child in one of the classes we offer.

With our different time slots, it makes classes easy to attend. 

Please be advised that old Dance Space uniform (Pink and Blue) are not allowed anymore.              

Do Not buy old uniform on Face Book or Trade me!!

New Uniform can be bought at the studio.

Enroll now for

Glitter Bugs / Twinker Bells / Dazzling Daisies / Acro Dance 

Boy Patrol / Boy Tap Squad

Glitter Bugs (age 2-3)

Twinker Bells (age 3-4)

Dazzling Daisies (age 4-5)

Fun Class (age 5-6)

Acro Dance

Boy Patrol (age 3- 5)

Boy Tap Squad

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Concession Cards can be shared between siblings, not extended family or friends. Concession cards bought before new ownership (4th Term 2016) will only be honored until 31 March 2017.

Junior Arts Academy Production 2017


There are short-cuts to happiness,

and dancing is one of them!

Vicky Baum


Studio Hire

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Venue Hire

$200 (4 hours), Studio only.

Dance Space Party Booking

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Mobile Number:

5 William Pickering Drive, Rosedale Albany. 

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